Application Logs

Application Logs.

The NodeChef platform aggregates all the logs from your App containers and displays them nicely on the dashboard for easy review. Logs are streamed in realtime which allows you to monitor your application in production easiy. To access application logs, click on App actions → App Logs

App container logs
  • Each log entry has a label such as "App1_myapp", "App2_myapp" and so on. This label indicates the container from which the log from processesd from.
  • You can stop and start the real time stream of logs anytime using the Pause button located on the Logs panel
  • Exporting your logs

    The platform allows you to export logs from each of your containers individually for any entries from now up to at most the past 24 hours. Currently exported logs are not aggregated. To export, select the container Id, select the date range desired and then use the Exports logs button to download your logs.

    Export App container logs