PHP and PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting

Deploy and scale PHP and PostgreSQL apps – not infrastructure.

PHP, PostgreSQL hosting platform Features

NodeChef PHP and PostgreSQL hosting platform is based on managed containers, with integrated Redis and powerful add-ons, for deploying and running your PHP and PostgreSQL applications.

Deploy PHP in seconds to NodeChef Cloud

Using Git

Connect your repository from GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket and easily deploy a branch.

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Using CLI

Just one command to install the CLI and also one command to deploy your project folder.

npm install -g nodechef-cli
nodechef deploy -i myapp

Using Upload

Zip or Tar archive your project folder, log into the dashboard and select to upload your project.

Zip or Tar project
Dashboard upload

Enterprise grade PHP cloud hosting platform

  • PHP DevOps as a service

    NodeChef takes care of the hard stuff like running your PHP containers in production, scaling, builds using buildpacks and many others. We support the php-cli, php-cgi and php-fpm runtimes. Both configurable httpd and nginx web servers are supported.

  • High performance SSD servers

    NodeChef takes care of the underlying infrastructure that your applications are running on. NodeChef uses high performance SSD bare metal servers. All apps and databases run on dedicated resources: CPU, RAM and storage.

  • PostgreSQL Database Support

    Our DBAs bring many years of experience in database management. We provide management tools on par and above DBaaS providers. PostgreSQL Databases run on dedicated resources and supports continuous backups, data recovery and slow query profiling.

  • Auto-Healing PHP apps

    Never worry about your PHP app crashing or unforeseen deadlocks that makes your apps unresponsive. You can easily define a health check rule to monitor your app servers. NodeChef will auto restart or alert you when your app becomes unresponsive.

  • Auto-scaling PHP apps

    Never worry about any unforeseen traffic spikes. You can easily configure automatic scaling rules or even alerts and scale manually if preferred. You can scale based on the ratio of outstanding connections to the number of containers (A higher number of connections means your app is not responding fast enough), response latency of your containers to incomming request and even standard metrics such as CPU and RAM.

  • Zero downtime deployments

    We deploy new builds of your app with precision making sure it is crash free and ready to accept connections. Your end users will never experience any flaky empty pages whenever you push code. Deploy as many times without worry of any service interruptions to your end-users.

  • Automatic HTTPS

    Secure connections on all domains are standard. TLS Certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt and installed automatically. You can also upload your own certificate from the dashboard.

  • PHP Performance Monitoring

    NodeChef provides you with uptime metrics for your instances, response latency of your application containers, real-time structured HTTP logs as well as CPU and memory usage of all instances.

  • Available globally

    NodeChef supports four regions - Europe, North America Singaore and Australia. Servers closer to your customers mean faster page loads. And faster page loads mean happier customers.

Available in multiple regions

Choose a data center near you. NodeChef provides hosting in US-East, EU-West (Paris), Singapore and Australia (Sydney).

NodeChef worldwide cloud hosting
  • One-command PHP deploy

    Launch your PHP application on Nodechef with a single ‘deploy’ command or upload your project from the dashboard. The Nodechef runtime orchestrates and manages the execution and scale of your PHP apps.

  • Fully Integrated and flexible

    NodeChef's fully managed and integrated platform means you dont have to rely on several providers to host your app. You can host your PHP app and PostgreSQL database on NodeChef.

  • PHP Rolling updates

    Update your PHP app in production without any downtime. Nodechef coordinates updates with precision to ensure a seamless upgrade experience for all clients currently connected to your PHP app.