NodeChef – The Best Heroku Alternative

The best platform for hosting modern web and mobile apps on any cloud environment.

Enterprise grade hosting platform

NodeChef is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) which developers, and teams of all sizes can use to deploy, manage and scale their apps whether it’s a simple prototype or a business-critical app. NodeChef combines the best features and leading technologies from companies like Google, Docker, and many more so that your team can use cutting-edge technologies.

Code Deployments

One of the advantages of a PaaS platform is the ease of deploying your app code and NodeChef is literally the winner in this space by a wide margin. NodeChef provides multiple ways to deploy your code while Heroku provides limited ways.

Using Git

While Heroku supports only GitHub, NodeChef supports GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket integrations.

Using CLI

Just one command to install the CLI and also one command to deploy your project folder.

Using Upload

Zip or Tar archive your project folder, log into the dashboard and select to upload your project.

More reasons to choose NodeChef

  • Advanced and flexible orchestration

    You can scale on all metrics collected. You can easily scale on metrics such as the ratio of running containers to the number of concurrent connections, response latency to incomming requests as well as CPU and RAM. You can accomplish all of this from a simple, intuitive dashboard. Metrics include response and connect latency of all application containers, number of active clients, requests per second, CPU and memory usage of all containers.

  • Planet scale, run in any datacenter around the world you choose

    NodeChef can run anywhere in the world reachable by the internet where as Heroku is restricted to a few AWS regions. Multi cloud setups are simply impossible on Heroku. There is no guarantee availability zone distribution of containers in the same region are truly highly available as the mechanism of separation of various zones in the same region is a proprietary solution by AWS. NodeChef can provide you and your team a true highly available solution where your workloads are distributed across multiple regions with acceptable latency distance so you can sleep at night.

  • Advanced Zero downtime deployments

    Both Heroku and NodeChef allows you to specify an await time before new updates are committed. Because application startup time can be variable considering Heroku runs on VPS instances (A shared environment in another shared environment), this is really an ineffective approach. NodeChef in addition also supports another option allowing your application to bind to the assigned port before committing the update. NodeChef can also be instructed to commit updates only when the container runs successfully on deploys.

Ready to quit shared Heroku hosting
for a dedicated environment?

Heroku is simply a decorated shared hosting environment. Why wait to outgrow it, just to build a custom in house undifferentiated PaaS. Why not focus on your product? NodeChef is an enterpise grade Heroku-compatible platform that just works for applications of any scale and scope. No flakiness.

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