Managed Docker Cloud Hosting

Deploy and scale dockerized apps on bare metal or to any cloud of your choice.

Managed and secure Docker hosting platform

NodeChef Docker cloud hosting platform is a secure and cost effective solution based on managed containers, with integrated MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis databases.


Deploy Dockerized apps in seconds to NodeChef Cloud

Using Git

Connect your repository from GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket and easily deploy a branch.

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Using CLI

Just one command to install the CLI and also one command to deploy your project folder.

npm install -g nodechef-cli
nodechef deploy -i myapp

Using Upload

Zip or Tar archive your project folder, log into the dashboard and select to upload your project.

Zip or Tar project
Dashboard upload

Enterprise grade Docker cloud hosting for web and mobile apps

  • Cloud Automation

    On demand declaration of capacity and number of containers to be used for your workload from the dashboard. Proceed to deploy your Dockerfile via Git, CLI or dashboard upload and NodeChef will mount the created image to all your containers and load balance traffic to all your instances. Image build caching is supported to speed things up.

  • Auto scaling

    Declare threshold rules to automatically scale your cluster. Threshold rules can be set for the CPU, RAM, response latency, ratio of the number of connected clients to the number of running containers.

  • Zero downtime deployments

    Update your code in production without any downtime. Nodechef coordinates updates with precision to ensure a seamless upgrade experience for all connected clients

  • Real-time monitoring + Metrics

    Real-time monitoring of CPU, RAM, Request per second and number of connected clients as well as streaming logs from the dashboard for your deployment. Metrics include uptime, response latency, out of memory crashes, the total request per second, number of HTTP(s), web sockets, CPU and memory usage for up to 24 hours.

  • Automatic SSL certificates

    Secure connections on all domains are standard. TLS Certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt and installed automatically and renewed. You can also upload your own certificate from the dashboard.

  • NoSQL and SQL databases

    Our DBAs bring many years of experience in database management. We provide management tools on par and above DBaaS providers. Databases run on dedicated resources and supports continuous backups, point in time data recovery and slow query profiling.

  • Threshold alerting

    Set rule based alerts on CPU, RAM, Out of memory crashes, total HTTP connections and many more. NodeChef computes your rules timely and will send you an email when the set threshold is reached.

  • Team collaboration

    NodeChef teams offered at no extra cost allows you and your team to securely and efficiently collaborate on projects. Two-factor authentication, unlimited team members and all of your projects on a single bill are included.

  • Dedicated resources

    NodeChef takes care of the underlying infrastructure that your applications are running on. NodeChef uses high performance SSD bare metal servers or you can bring your own bare metal or VPS nodes from any cloud provider. All apps and databases run on dedicated resources: CPU, RAM and storage.

Available in multiple regions

Choose a data center near you. NodeChef provides hosting in US-East, EU-West (Paris), Singapore and Australia (Sydney).

NodeChef worldwide cloud hosting

NodeChef Performance Monitoring (APM)

Monitor, set alerts and autoscale your application using NodeChef APM. Metrics include CPU, RAM, Out of memory crashes, timeout failures, response latency, request per second, open HTTP(s) connections and web sockets.

NodeChef APM