Discourse Forum Hosting

Managed Discourse forum hosting platform optimized for scale, reliability, speed and security.

Discourse Hosting Platform

We provision PostgreSQL, Redis and Rails apps for many customers every day. Each customer benefits from years of at-scale hosting expertise. Our platform offers Discourse forum hosting at an affordable cost.

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  • Plugins

    NodeChef supports an extensive list of community developed plugins you can take advantage of. Simply enable it from your Admin dashboard and you are ready to go. We are always expanding the list of supported plugins based on our customers needs.

  • Auto scaling

    As your data and traffic needs grow we'll scale your database and the discourse app automatically so you don't need to worry about capacity. Just install once and never worry about infrastructure as your community grows.

  • Free SSL Certificate

    NodeChef automatically installs SSL certificate for your domain if you request for it from the dashboard. You no longer have to pay for SSL certificate and then have to worry about correctly configuring it. We have automated the process.

  • Continuous Backups

    Automated backups are made every day and retained for up to 4 days. We also perform continuous backups as data is written for maximum data protection. You can also store your backups off site to S3.

  • High availablity

    NodeChef supports replication for your database ensuring the maximum availability for your deployment. Our managed discourse servers by default are configured across several machines with auto fail over ensuring your forum will always be up.

  • Bare metal performance

    Your forums run on dedicated bare metal servers with local SSD for the best performance. We also employ a containerized approach to isolate CPU, memory and I/O resources while running at bare metal speed.

Available in multiple regions

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