Managed MongoDB Hosting

MongoDB deployment platform optimized for scale, speed and security.

MongoDB Hosting Platform

We provision databases for many customers every day. Each customer benefits from years of at-scale managed MongoDB hosting expertise.

  • Cloud Automation

    On-demand provisioning of single-node or replica set. All deployments offer daily logging and real-time memory usage metrics. Authentication, and encryption keep your data protected.

  • Auto scaling

    As your data needs grow we'll scale your database storage and memory automatically so you don't need to worry about capacity. You can also manually scale up or down your cluster with zero downtime with a click of a button.

  • Bare metal performance

    All databases run on dedicated bare metal servers with local SSD for the best performance. We also employ a containerized approach to isolate CPU, memory and I/O resources while running at bare metal speed.

  • Zero downtime migration

    You have your MongoDB cluster running somewhere else but want to migrate to NodeChef? No problem. We have the tools you can use to migrate your data to NodeChef with no impact to your application.

  • Continuous Backups

    We perform automated continuous backups from the oplog as data is written and folded into hourly segments. Snapshot backups are also taken every day and retained for up 4 days. You can also archive backups to your own S3 bucket.

  • Query Optimization

    The slow query analyzer and indexing feature analyzes your database and presents you with recommendations for new indexes that can be created to improve query performance. The query analyzer can also automate the roll-out of new indexes.

Available in multiple regions

Choose a data center near you. NodeChef provides hosting in US-East, EU-West (Paris), Singapore and Australia (Sydney).

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