Managed PostgreSQL Cloud Hosting

Cloud-hosted, production-ready PostgreSQL database.

Run and scale your PostgreSQL database
with confidence

We provision databases for many customers every day. Each customer benefits from years of at-scale managed PostgreSQL hosting expertise. Deploy databases from 1GB up to multiple petabytes with pain-free scaling. NodeChef lets you pay as you grow.

Enterprise grade PostgreSQL hosting

  • Fully managed PostgreSQL

    NodeChef PostgreSQL is easy to use as you don’t have to worry about software installation, backups, hardware scalability, replication, patches and updates. Let NodeChef manage your database so you can focus on your application.

  • Performance

    Our custom-architected solution runs on dedicated bare metal servers with local SSD for best performance. NodeChef employs a containerized approach to isolate CPU, memory, and I/O resources.

  • Continuous Backups

    Automated backups are made every day and retained for 4 days. We also perform continuous backups by archivng all WAL files as well as point in time restores. NodeChef supports backups archiving to your own S3 bucket.

  • Slow query profiling

    The slow query analyzer analyzes your database logs continuously and presents you with alll the underperforming queries on the database. This provides you with the best and easiest approach to optimize your database for performance as you grow.

  • Point in time restore

    NodeChef is the only PostgreSQL DBaas that provides automated and self service database restore to an exact point in time. This is made possible as we continuously backup the binary logs of the PostgreSQL server. You are 100% protected from any data loss in the event of having to recover data.

  • Secure PostgreSQL server

    Harden your database server by using IP whitelisting from the dashboard. NodeChef automatically installs and renews SSL certificates for your PostgreSQL server to encrypt data across the wire. The NodeChef dashboard also supports two-factor authentication to secure access to your installation. Authentication to the database is also required by default.

  • Monitoring & Metrics

    The NodeChef dashboard provides real-time metrics into the CPU, RAM and request/sec of your PostgreSQL database server. We also provide long view metrics on these parameters over a 24 hr period. You can also monitor other metrics such as reads, writes cache hits etc.

  • Root access

    We provide root access to the PostgreSQL database server. You can create as many databases and users as you want.

  • High availability & auto failover

    Setup a replicated PostgreSQL database cluster in just one click. Our orchestration system takes care of moving data to new nodes to join the cluster with precision and also automatically reconfigure the cluster to a new master in the event the current master node is unreachable. The dashboard provides complete transparency into replication allowing you to monitor the state of each node in the cluster.