Cloud Search And Analytics

Search & Analyze Text and Structured Data in Real Time with SQL or the MongoDB API

Build Unique Search Experiences
in any language

NodeChef Cloud Search eliminates the complexity with production grade hosted search. Cloud search is wire compatible with MongoDB allowing you to write search applications in your language of choice using the MongoDB driver.


Use Cloud search for

  • One click deploy

    Launching your Search engine is as simple as entering a name for your server and clicking on a launch button. You can then use the UI management tools in the NodeChef dashboard to configure and query your data.

  • Fully Integrated and flexible

    Cloud search integrates with your mongoDB database so there is never any need to write any complex continuous data integration code yourself. Cloud search also offers the flexiblity to Insert, update and delete data from your app code.

  • Powerful metrics

    NodeChef provides you with uptime metrics for your instance, requests per second metrics, response latency of your queries, a realtime slow query profiler as well as CPU and memory usage of your search instance.