Migrate your Gridfs files to S3

Most applications typically start out by storing all their files in the MongoDB database. This can quickly become expensive, depending on the service you are using. To help for a smooth transition to the NodeChef platform without any hassle, we do provide a tool to Migrate your files from the MongoDB database to your own AWS S3 bucket or the NodeChef Object storage service which is also S3 compatible. Storing your files in an Object storage service is favorable in terms of the amount spent. In regards to performance, The NodeChef Object storage outperforms the MongoDB Gridfs on all benchmarks. We however cannot comment on the performance of AWS S3.

The migration tool, does not delete any files from the database. After the migration is complete, you can then manually drop the gridfs collections which are typically named "fs.chunks" and "fs.files"

Step by step guide to migrate your files to the NodeChef object storage or AWS S3.

  • 1. Access the migration tool from the Task manager by clicking on DB Actions → Gridfs files migration.
  • 2. Enter the credentials that will be used to access your S3 Object storage.
  • 3. Start the migration by clicking on the start button. Progress of the migration is displayed in real-time under the current progress section. You can stop and start the migration at any time.
    Migrate files from Gridfs to s3