Deploy Meteor.js app to the best Heroku alternative

NodeChef is a Cloud PaaS that runs on Bare metal and the best alternative to Heroku if you want the best price to performance ratio. NodeChef also comes bundled with MongoDB and redis databases. Unlike Heroku, there is no need to use third party addons for any of this. You can easily deploy your Metoer.js app together with your MongoDB database with Oplog tailing automatically enabled while saving cost and improving on performance.

NodeChef supports the Meteor.js horse buildpack when deploying from Git providing you the same deployment experience but with better performance and cost savings. When uploading your build ouput instead or using the NodeChef CLI to deploy, your app is built using your local installed Meteor.js version and the build output deployed to your container running on NodeChef.

NodeChef also comes with built-in Kadira Meteor.js APM for which you can enable for your applications for much deeper insights into application performance.

Visit the Meteor.js hosting page to review all the features provided by NodeChef

This article will provide a general guide on how to deploy your Meteor.js app by using the NodeChef CLI, connecting and using your repository from GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab or upload the tar.gz output of the meteor build command from the dashboard.