NodeChef Object Storage

Simple, but Powerful Fault Tolerant Object Storage for your applications

Faster than S3. Compatible with S3

The simplest way to cost effectively store, serve, backup, and archive any amount of media, key value data, web content, images, and static files for your web applications.

Use Object Storage for

Media Storage

Perfect for storing files uploaded or accessed by end users. Object storage's fault tolerance guarantees 100% data safety and always available.


Built on top of a highly available MongoDB + RocksDB setup guaranteeing you can store and retrieve data with sub 100ms latency and solid throughput.

Data Archiving

Archive logs, backups, legacy code and all kinds of relevant data with Object storage. Data is always securely streamed and stored.

Object Browser

Use the web-based, Object browser on the NodeChef dashboard for powerful data browsing and manipulation.

NodeChef S3 compatible object storage browser