How to enable PHP and Zend Extensions for your deployment

NodeChef PHP hosting provides a simple way for you to enable PHP and Zend extensions. Both extension types share lots of stuff. The difference between both types is mainly in hooks they register into the Engine. Refer to this document to read more on PHP and Zend extensions

Step 1. Create an ini file under .bp-config/php/php.ini.d/

In the root folder of your application create the directory structure ./bp-config/php/php.ini.d/

Place a file with the extension .ini under this directory. We will use this file to enable both php and zend extensions. Your folder structure should look like this:

index.php composer.json .bp-config/ php/ php.ini.d/ my_extensions.ini

Step 2. Specify the list of extensions

You can use the below format to enable extensions in your .ini file.

By default, the platform enables zlib, curl, mcrypt and bz2 for your appliaction.

Step 3. Deploy your applicaiton

Zip your PHP project folder and upload it from the dashboard and your PHP app should run with the version you specified. You can also use the CLI to deploy your PHP app.