Deploying your JVM build artifact to NodeChef

With the exception of Groovy apps which can be deployed as is, you have to first build your application and then push the build output.

Example deploying Grails

// Build the application into a .war file ./grailsw war // Deploy the .war file to your server. nc deploy -i myapp -l target/grails-application-0.1.war

Example deploying Groovy

The Java Buildpack can run Groovy applications written with the Ratpack framework and from raw .groovy files (no pre-compilation).

nc deploy -i myapp

Example deploying Java Main

The Java Buildpack can run Java applications with a main() method provided that they are packaged as self-executable JARs

// building with Gradle example: gradle build // Or building with Maven example: mvn package // Finally deploy the JAR to your server and run it: nc deploy -i myapp -l target/java-main-application-1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

Example deploying Play framework

// bundle using play dist and deploy play dist nc deploy -i myapp -l target/universal/ // bundle using play stage and deploy play stage nc deploy -i myapp -l target/universal/stage

Example deploying Servlet packaged as a WAR file

gradle build nc deploy -i myapp -l build/libs/web-servlet-2-application-1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.war

Example deploying Spring Boot CLI

// using spring grab spring grab *.groovy nc deploy -i myapp // using spring jar spring jar spring-boot-cli-application-1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar *.groovy nc deploy -i myapp -l spring-boot-cli-application-1.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar