Secure your Redis Server

Password authentication

By default NodeChef Redis requires authentication to the server and this cannot be disabled. Passwords are created and shared amongst all instances. You can change your password at anytime from the Task Manager. To change your password at anytime, click on the RDB Actions of the first node listed under the task manager and click on Redis Settings. Setting the password field to a blank value will automatically generate a new password. You can also enter your own password.

IP Whitelisting and SSL

Lots of security breaches can be prevented simply by preventing arbitrary devices from opening a connection to your database in the first place. You can accomplish this by adding IP addresses of devices allowed to connect to your server. You do not have to enter the IP addresses of your NodeChef App containers, simply linking them to your Redis Server which is explained in the next section will automatically include the IP addresses of your App containers.

It is also possible to only allow clients connecting to the server with SSL. If data encyrption on the wire is required simply enable this from the Access control panel.

To open the Access control panel, navigate to the Task manager on the dashboard and click on RDB Actions > Access control.

Access control