Deploy Redis and configure High availability

After signing up and verifying your account, Login to the dashboard, click on deployments and then Deploy Redis. Enter the host name of your Redis server. This name identifies the Redis instance in the NodeChef system and also the task manager, you cannot change this name. Select the initial size of the Redis Server and choose the region to deploy to. Click the Launch Redis Server button to initiate the deployment process. Once complete, you will receive an email notification.

Deploy Redis

Configure Replication

After the deployment is complete, your new Single node Redis instance should be visible on the Task manager. To configure replication, navigate to Deployments > Deployed Apps. Find your App listed under the table. Under the database column, select the number of nodes that will make up your cluster. The number of nodes includes the master node. Thus if you select 2, you will end up with a master and a slave but selecting 3, you will end up with one master and 2 slaves and so on.

Redis nodes

After selecting the number of nodes, click on Cluster Actions and click the Reconfigure option to initiate the process. Please note your account will be billed immediately after the resources are provisioned.

Reconfigure Redis Cluster