MySQL backups and WAL archiving

NodeChef performs continuous backups for your MySQL instance. In addition a hot backup of the entire database server is taken every 48 hours

Backups are kept on independent servers for up to 4 days before they are deleted. You can always archive your backups to an offsite location such as S3 which is supported.

To review information on your backups or even download them, navigate to the dashboard and click on MSDB Actions → Backups & Restore

Hot backups when downloaded will be delivered as a gzipped tar archive. This archive contains the files in your data directory on the Database server. Binary log files are also compressed using gzip.

MySQL backups

Archived binary logs

MySQL binary logs backups

Archiving your backups to S3

On the Backups & Restore panel, click on Remote archiving. Enter your s3 credentials and bucket information. Once configured, all new backups will also be uploaded to S3 automatically.