Managing your WordPress directory, changing wp-config and .htaccess

In some cases, you will require direct access to your WordPress directory on NodeChef to update certain files such as your wp-config.php or .htaccess files to configure redirects. You might also want to upload and update files in your wp-content folder as well.

NodeChef provides a simple way to add, overwrite and delete files and folders from your WordPress directory.

To start, click on App actions → WordPress Directory. You should see the directory management screen as show below.

1. Use the "Upload application files" to upload new files and folders. When uploading multiple files, you must zip all the files first and then select to upload them.

2. Use the "Delete files" button to delete files in the current selected directory.

*Note - The upload and delete is affected by the current directory to which you have navigated to. For example, if you click on the wp-content folder on the left and click to upload files. The file you have selected to be uploaded will be uploaded to the wp-content folder and so on.

If you are uploading multiple files you have zipped, you must also click on the checkbox under "Extract zip file". This allows the system to update your website with the files and folders in the zip archive instead of just uploading the zip as is. See image below: