How to allow anonymous reads on your S3 compatible buckets

If your app provides your end users a link to your media files, in most case you will want to allow users to directly access these files without having to proxy the context via your App containers.

Enabling anonymous reads allows anybody with a link to a file in your bucket to download this file without any authentication. Users cannot upload or delete the files but can only view it.

Log in to the NodeChef dashboard and click on Object Storage. Under the left hand side with the bucket listings, click on the name of the bucket. Click on options icon and select the option with the lock. Enable anonymous reads by toggling the checkbox. Files in your bucket will be immediately accessible to the public without authentication after this operation completes.

S3 Buckets - Allow anonymous reads

Example URL after anonymous reads is enabled.

In the below example, the name of your bucket is mybucket and the name of the file is picture.png. To generate a link for this file that can be accessed by your end users, you can use the below URL. Note, you must replace the bucket name and the file name with the desired values in your application