Discourse Forum Hosting

NodeChef Discourse hosting is a managed service you can take advantage of to build a community. There is no technical expertise required to take advantage of this service. Simply provide your Admin credentials and your SMTP settings and we will take care of the rest.

The NodeChef platform ensures your forum is always up and running smootly without any intervention on your part. We take care of forum installation and setup, backups, plugins installations, load balancing and many more so you do not have to. For a starting price of only $20 dollars you can have your forum up and running in less than 3 minutes.

Step by step guide on How to install a Discourse forum on NodeChef


Supported Plugins

  • discourse-admin-statistics-digest
  • discourse-adplugin
  • discourse-akismet
  • discourse-assign
  • BBCode
  • discourse-cakeday
  • Canned Replies
  • discourse-characters-required
  • discourse-chat-integration
  • discourse-data-explorer
  • discourse-details
  • discourse-math
  • discourse-narrative-bot
  • discourse-nginx-performance-report
  • discourse-no-bump
  • discourse-oauth2-basic
  • discourse-onesignal
  • discourse-patreon
  • discourse-presence
  • discourse-push-notifications
  • discourse-saved-searches
  • discourse-signatures
  • discourse-slack-official
  • discourse-solved
  • Spoiler Alert!
  • discourse-tooltips
  • discourse-voting
  • lazyYT
  • poll