Configure the search index

Once you have setup data synchronization or using manual CUD, the next step is to setup the search index. The search index allows you to select the specific fields that you intend to query against.

From the Task manager, click the DB actions and then Search Index.

Data indexing

Step by step guide configuring a search index.

1. Under the class explorer, you will find all the classes currently in the search index available for indexing. Click on the class you intend to index.

2. The fields in your objects will be displayed on the right. Note, for this to work, there must be data first in the class. The indexing utility reads the first and last 25 documents in the class to retrieve the fields in the class

3. Click on the Set Index button associated with each field to configure an index. As a general rule, if you intend to perform a textquery, filter or sort on a field in a class, you must set an index for this field.

Add an index

4. Select the index type and then click add Index. If you want to remove an index, select No Index under index type.

5. Once you are done adding or removing indexes, click on the Update Index button to complete the operation.

Index types explained