Introducing Cloud Search REST API and updated documentation

Great news, NodeChef users!

We are excited to announce a REST API frontend for NodeChef Cloud Search. By levaraging the new API, developers no longer have to repeatedly build for each app their own middleware to translate client queries into the Cloud search native API. The REST API is built on top of our high performance load balancers which currently powers all apps hosted on NodeChef and the native Cloud Search wire protocol.

The REST API exposes all functionality available when using the mongoDB driver without compromising security and performance. An application ID is required to perform reads (Search and SQL select queries). If you intend to write using the REST API, a Master Key is required to authenticate against the server.

What does it look like?

curl -X POST \ -H "X-NodeChef-Application-Id: ${APPLICATION_ID}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ class : "Posts", textquery : {phrase : "high lif" fuzzy : 1, options : { queryfields : [{name : "title"}] }, sort : { _created_at : -1 }, limit : 16, join : { class : "comments" filter : { postsitem : "$Posts1._id" }, sort : { likes : -1 }, limit : 3 }, }) }' \ /** Search for all Posts items containing the uncompleted search query "high lif" and return the top 3 comments ranked by likes associated with each Posts item. **/

The updated documentation provides a step by step guide on how to configure your Cloud Search instance using the new UI managements tools avaiable from the Task manager in the dashboard. The UI management tools include the data synchronization panel for configuring data synchronization between your mongoDB and the Cloud Search engine, The indexing panel to configure the search index and the Query pad to test and debug your REST queries.

We hope the new REST API frontend and UI tools provides you the much needed flexiblity to run and manage your Cloud Search instance.