NodeChef launches Object Storage

NodeChef has become one of the popular platforms for hosting web and mobile applications built in Node.js, PHP and Java. Up till now customers have relied on third-party solutions such as Amazon S3 to serve, archive and backup their files. Today, we are excited to announce that we are launching the NodeChef object storage.

The NodeChef object storage is the simplest way to cost effectively store, serve, backup, and archive a virtually infinite amount of media, web content, images and static files for your applications. The NodeChef object storage is fast to write, fast to read and instantly available. It is easy to use and 100% compatible with the Amazon S3 API. This allows developers to use the S3 SDKs to develop their applications. In most cases, your framework supports S3, simply add your Access and Secret keys and your app is ready to go.

To deploy a NodeChef object storage instance, log in to the dashboard and click on the Object storage tab. Click on the Deploy button to create a new instance. Refer to our documentation for more information on the NodeChef object storage.

Also important to note is that there is no requirement for you to use other NodeChef services to take advantage of the Object storage service. We believe this will complement the ease of application hosting that NodeChef has become noted for.

Let us know your thoughts on NodeChef object storage.