Migrate your WordPress website to NodeChef

After installing a new WordPress website, you can migrate your existing WordPress website to NodeChef easily from the dashboard.

Migrate your WordPress directory

1. Zip or Tar archive the contents in your WordPress directory from your current host. A WordPress directory looks something like this:

*Note, you must zip the contents in the WordPress directory and not the parent folder for this to work.

2. On the NodeChef dashboard, click on App actions → WordPress Directory.

3. Click on the Upload application files button and select the zipped file from Step 1. to upload. Select Yes under Extract zip file as seen below:

Migrating your MySQL database

1. On the NodeChef Dashboard, under the Task Manager, click on MSDB Actions → Database Import

2. Provide your current database name, username, password and host address and click on the Begin migration button. The progress indicator will be displayed after the migration starts successfully, you should be able to see when the migration completes.