NodeChef GitLab Deploy: How to deploy to NodeChef directly from GitLab repository

NodeChef GitLab integration makes it easy to deploy code living on GitLab to your app containers running on NodeChef.

Enabling GitLab Integration.

You can configure GitLab integration from the NodeChef Dashboard. If you do not have an account yet, sign up for an account from the sign up page.

Once you have activated your account by following the activation link sent to your email, you can proceed to provision your app and/or database containers from the Deployments tab in the NodeChef Dashboard.

On the Deployments tab, you can enter your application name, choose your app container size, database engine and size, datacenter location and then click “Launch Cluster”.

After your cluster is launched, move to the Task Manager → App Actions → Git integration to configure GitLab integration.

To configure GitLab integration, you have to authenticate with GitLab. You only have to do this once per NodeChef account. Click “Connect to GitLab”.

After you link your Account to a GitLab repo, you can selectively deploy from branches.

That’s how easy it is to deploy from your GitLab repository to NodeChef. Let us know if you encounter any problems or have some ideas on how to improve the workflow or need help with your deployment.

Happy coding from the NodeChef Team.