Best Hosting Providers for Meteor App: NodeChef vs Galaxy Hosting Features Comparison

It has been over a month since we announced our public beta. Since then we are excited to say that over 200 Developers are actively using the platform to deploy their Meteor apps. One question that we hear often is along the lines of NodeChef features and how they compare with Galaxy. This is not surprising as NodeChef has emerged as a leader in providing "zero devops" hosting for Meteor apps.


NodeChef is a Javascript app hosting platform. The platform focusses completely on Node.js and MongoDB apps. And directly targeted at developers, start ups and small-medium sized businesses.


Galaxy is a platform dedicated towards Meteor apps and it is provided by the Meteor Development Group. It simplifies deployment of Meteor apps.

The following table is designed to help you understand the features that both platforms provide. These platforms are actively being developed and so the table will continuously be updated when new features are introduced.

Feature NodeChef Galaxy
Infrastructure Dedicated bare metal containers AWS VM spot instances
SLA 99.99% N/A
Support Critical and non critical issues via email Non critical issues.
NodeChef support only Galaxy support only
Additional cost for Meteor support Additional cost for Meteor support
Application container
Application container size 128 MB 512 MB
Horizontal scaling Yes Yes
Vertical scaling Yes N/A
Load balancing Yes Yes
SSL certificates Supported. Free Lets encrypt included Supported. Free lets encrypt not included
One-command deploy Yes Yes
Coordinated version updates Yes Yes
Application logs Full Basic
Container Metrics Full Basic
Wildcard hostnames Yes N/A
HTTP reverse proxy cache option Yes N/A
Dedicated database container NodeChef includes database Galaxy does not include database
Database Memory 100 MB N/A
Database storage 1 GB N/A
Horozontal scaling Yes N/A
Vertical scaling Yes N/A
Oplog Tailing Yes N/A
Support Critical and non critical via email N/A
Full text search engine Yes N/A
Price ~$9/month ~$13/month

Hosting is often one of the biggest expenses for Developers especially as many have no funding. NodeChef offers the lowest price and highest quality hosting for Meteor apps currently. We continue to make big investments in the platform. Stay tuned for more features announcement as we move towards general availability.

If you have any questions we invite you to email us at We look forward to helping you deploy your apps to NodeChef.