Introducing Meteor Application Monitoring

Today, we are excited to announce that NodeChef Meteor APM (Application performance monitoring) is available to any meteor app irrespective of where it is hosted.

What is NodeChef Meteor APM

NodeChef Meteor APM is based on Kadira which was built by Arunoda and the team from Kadira. Kadira was a Saas which helped developers with performance monitoring of their Meteor apps in areas like:

  • Publication and Subscription performance
  • Meteor Method performance
  • Live Query performance
  • Client and Server error tracking
  • Alerting
Meteor APM

Who can use NodeChef Meteor APM

We know how important Meteor APM is to everyone running Meteor apps in production. This is because hundreds of our customers are constantly asking us if we could offer this tool as a service since Kadira shutdown. We have listened and today we are launching this tool as a service so that everyone can have access to this critical tool in the same way they were used to. It does not matter where you host your Meteor app. You can count on us to take care of infrastructure details and have your back on the Meteor APM tool, so you can focus on writing great JavaScript and building your business.

How to get started with NodeChef Meteor APM

We have put together a simple yet comprehensive instructions on how to access the service. We encourage you to read it and if you have any questions about the instructions, do not hesitate to contact us.

We currently do not offer support on monitoring your apps but encourage you to use the Meteor forums if you have any questions about your app.


We want to make this available to anybody so affordability was one of our main goals.

There are two plans

  • Solo. This plan starts at $10/month for 1 host with 4 days data retention. Each additional host is $10/month
  • Startup. Flat at $50/month for unlimited hosts and 7 days data retention


If you need top class Meteor hosting, NodeChef offers the best Meteor hosting currently. We provide you with app and database containers as well as object storage. NodeChef Meteor hosting is feature packed and simply the best.