Production MongoDB Replica Sets now available on NodeChef

Great news, NodeChef users!

Today, we are excited to announce that mongoDB replica sets are now available on NodeChef.

By leveraging NodeChef’s mongoDB hosting, developers can focus on product development and not get bogged down by database administration and operations. Automated provisioning, backups and monitoring are all provided by the platform, so developers only need to worry about is their schema and their code.

NodeChef replica set configuration is composed of three member nodes: two data-bearing nodes and one arbiter node. With two electable, data-bearing nodes, users are protected from scenarios that cause downtime for single-node deployments, such as maintenance events and hardware failures.

You can set up a three-node cluster with a click of a button. This process no longer requires a support ticket as it is fully automated and ready for production. To set up your cluster, navigate to the NodeChef Dashboard → Deployments → Deployed Apps. Click on Cluster Actions → Configure replica set. For users already using the 3 node cluster setup, you do not have to do anything. Check docs for more details.

With NodeChef mongoDB replica sets, developers can now back their production applications with a highly-available database for an incredible price. We look forward to working with you and helping you scale the next big thing.