Import CSV and JSON Data to your NodeChef MongoDB Database

Today we are happy to announce that we have introduced a new feature called NodeChef ETL. The NodeChef ETL makes it super easy to import your CSV and JSON data into your mongoDB database.

With this import functionality, you can import almost all excel spreadsheets (Just export to CSV format and import that file to your NodeChef database). For Parse Server customers, You can create the schema of the data to import from the Parse Dashboard or optionally use the column mapping and data tranformation features supported by the ETL engine. In addition to TXT and CSV file formats, the NodeChef ETL can also import JSON! The NodeChef ETL feature supports number, boolean, array, string, date, and geopoint data type for any column.

Importing your CSV and JSON data is as simple as just clicking the Begin Import button from the NodeChef Dashboard. You can either upload the data file or specify the URI to the file. Both HTTP(s) and FTP(s) is currently supported. To import your CSV or JSON data, you must have an app running. Log into your NodeChef dashboard → Task Manager → Actions → DB Actions → ETL Designer. Complete the form. Use the ‘Preview Import’ button to view your data before importing. If satisfied, use the ‘Begin Import’ button to import your data into your database.

For more information on importing data read the NodeChef ETL Guide.