Meteor Hosting for Developers

Meteor is an impressive open source full-stack platform for web, mobile, and desktop. It is gaining serious momentum but hosting solutions have been lacking as has been expressed many times in the Meteor forums. NodeChef has been working on a more innovative hosting platform.

NodeChef platform addresses some of the key challenges that we hear when it comes to deploying and scaling meteor apps. NodeChef is a one-stop-shop for meteor hosting. It integrates dedicated database, a caching layer, search engine, and many more. The platform makes oplog tailing scalable, allows developers the ubiquity of SQL as well as the transactional integrity of an RDBMS and much more.

We'll soon be releasing a public beta for evaluators to validate SQL coverage and other features and benchmark performance prior to releasing the product for general availability. NodeChef expects to have general availability release early next year, pending evaluator feedback. Beta invites are planned to go out sometime in December. You can sign up here.