Collaborate and Build Great Apps Together

One of the most requested feature is support for multiple developers working on Apps as a team. We’re happy to announce that our first iteration of team management and collaboration has now gone live.

Creating your first team

Login to your NodeChef dashboard → Account → Teams. Enter the email of an existing NodeChef user you want to add to your team and click ‘Add new member’. Currently, you can only add registered NodeChef accounts. Your team members can sign up for one here. Once added, you can assign roles and privileges to the team member.

Nodechef Team collaboration

Some of the roles and privileges you can currently assign are Admin and Developer. An admin has complete access to your app with the exception of the inability to delete the app or reconfigure the app cluster. An admin can execute all app and database actions. A developer is unable to perform the following actions: Reconfigure the app cluster, delete the app, restart the database, change database password, truncate database, and setting up domains. A developer can push code, restart app containers, access the parse dashboard and all other possible app and database actions.

In future iterations, you will be able to view the activity log of each team member. This data is currently been captured for all actions but yet to be presented on the dashboard. Custom roles are also under consideration.

We will appreciate your feedback here