Introducing Meteor and Parse Server Hosting in Europe

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Node.js and MongoDB app hosting in Europe. The datacenter is located in EU-West and would better serve our growing Europe-based customers.

European datacenter has been a highly requested location. We at NodeChef have always felt lots of love from the European developer community, especially Meteor and Parse Server developers. Today we’re excited to send some love back their way as we proudly open our doors to our first European datacenter.

Because all your application and database containers will be physically in Europe, if your business needs to keep data in Europe, you’ll now be able to do that. NodeChef is committed to upholding the highest standards in privacy and security, and the Europe-based datacenter enables us to extend those protections to our customers.

To deploy your Meteor or Node.js app to EU-West geographic region, simply use the below command:

deploy -i simple-todos --region EU

More information can be found in the Step by step guide to deploy your first app

For existing customers who want to move your apps to the Europe based datacenter, we will be introducing a simple way for you to migrate your apps in the next few days.

To deploy your parse server apps to EU-West geographic region, go to the deploy parse server page in your dashboard, select EU-West and click Launch Parse Server.

Datacenter region - NodeChef

Head over to the NodeChef dashboard to spin up your app and database containers in Europe today! Enjoy the same great features and services that we offer in our datacenter in the US-East Region.